Wasdale in winter

Scafell Pike and Wastwater in Winter with snow

In winter you can experience the serenity and tranquillity of Wasdale valley. You won’t find any crowds, shops or glittering lights here; on a calm winter’s day in Wasdale all that you will find are the near perfect reflections of the surrounding snowy mountains in Britain’s deepest lake, Wastwater - a favourite with photographers

The snow-capped peaks of England’s highest mountains including Scafell Pike, Great Gable, Pillar and Yewbarrow are great choices for those seeking awe-inspiring views and solitude. The crisp winter air gives intensely clear light and you can see for miles in every direction.  On clear sunny days, colours are richer and warmer than those of summer and the snow covered summits silhouette the royal blue sky.

In midwinter look out for footprints in the snow and frozen waterfalls of blue ice and perhaps some brave ice climbers on the steepest cliffs. Air is still and silent and all noise is muffled by the snow so even the faintest noise in the distance is sharp on the ear: on a calm day listen for the gentle flapping of Raven wings.

If the high fells are not for you , there is plenty of interest in the valley floor. You can wonder around the paths of Wasdale and meander your way to the tiny church with its ancient yew trees and gravestones of fallen climbers. The woodlands in Nether Wasdale are also perfect places for walks – bare trees, frozen streams and welcoming Inns for a winter warmer by the fire.

The days are short but the dark nights showcase the sparkling winter stars, sometimes even see a shooting star!

It is well worth spending a few days to really unwind and immerse fully into this quiet and remote valley. If you are hardy enough - consider a stay at Wasdale Campsite where there are tipis with wood burning stoves. Alternatively, for really cosy nights, we also have two  holiday cottages where you can put your feet up by the fire after a big adventurous day out.


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