Wasdale in Winter

Snow settles on the screes of Illgill Head, tumbling down into Wastwater

Winter is the time to experience the true serenity and tranquillity of Wasdale: the peace of the high fells, the quiet of our woodlands and the stillness of Wastwater go hand in hand with the traditional rhythms of a working farming community and create the perfect antidote to the Christmas rush.

Things to do

Climb Scafell Pike, Great Gable or Yewbarrow and experience the invigorating cold, stand on the roof of England and absorb the drama of the winter horizon – you’ll hardly see a soul. Be sure to plan ahead, check the weather forecast, and prepare well for such an excursion. Useful information and safety advice here.

Let your feet crunch on the crisp frozen fallen leaves of our woodlands and admire the architectural beauty of the trees in their winter slumber. Pause and listen long to the sigh of the wind and absorb the peace of a woodland at rest.

Sit and enjoy the inky stillness of the lake with the near perfect reflections of the screes and snow capped peaks of the surrounding fells. Stay until the light fails and on a clear night you’ll be treated to a celestial tapestry of shimmering stars, unimpeded by all but the minimum artificial light.

Food and drink

Relive your day on the fells over a pint at the Wasdale Head Inn, situated at the foot of Great Gable, or warm yourselves by the fire at one of the hostelries in Nether Wasdale.

Where to stay

You can sleep over in a Yurt with a wood burning stove at our Wasdale campsite, cuddle up in a heated pod or snuggle down in one of our two cosy holiday cottages. See our list article ‘Places to stay in Wasdale’ for further details.