Working holidays and path repairs at Wasdale

National Trust Ranger and Volunteers working on maintaining the dry stone walls around Wasdale

Our Rangers work hard to tackle path erosion and they lucikly have a helping hand from working holiday volunteers who also partake in mountain biking too.

Path repair work

We've been helping rangers on Blease Fell improve the paths and we've tackled a worn bridleway near Boot village. We decided the best way to preserve and improve the path was to invert it. This involves turning the path upside down to reveal a hard gravelly substance called 'pinnel'. This provides a hard surface when compacted with the soil. We also seeded the surface to allow it to blend. A drain was put in on one side to divert water away from the surface.

Mountain biking working holidays

Our working holiday volunteers have helped to construct a series of cross-drains which will help to divert any water off the path and prevent erosion. Part of the working holiday involves mountain bikes. We take our volunteers on their bikes on some pretty challenging terrain covering 16 and 22 miles routes. These give us an opportunity to show the conservation work we have done, all with stunning views. After three days working and two days riding, our volunteers deserve a little rest.
We are currently the only place in the UK to provide this type of holiday.These are a great way to show volunteers the traditional methods we use to tackle erosion on the Lake District's popular paths.