Walking the dog at West Runton and Beeston Regis Heath

Dog on lead

If you’re planning a visit to West Runton and Beeston Regis Heath with your dog, you’ll be pleased to know it’s very welcome! Whatever the weather, whatever the time of year, this is a great place to take you dog for a walk.



Follow our lead

This is a really good place to exercise your dog but please consider other users and wildlife.

Always keep your dog under control and in sight Please make sure that it stays away from wildlife and any livestock and horses. In any case it's good practice wherever you are to keep your dog on a lead around anywildlife, horses or livestock.

Please remember that not everyone likes dogs so please keep your dog away from other walkers unless invited.

We are lucky to have large numbers of ground nesting birds. Between 1st March and 31st July dogs must be on leads to avoid disturbing the nest birds.

There is a possibility of adder being present between February and November.

Please protect the wildlife
Sign at West Runton warning of ground nesting birds & adders, please keep to paths and keep dogs under control
Please protect the wildlife

Everyone knows how unpleasant dog mess is, so please help ensure West Runton and Beeston Regis Heath​ remains a beautiful place by bagging it and binning it. You’ll find bins sited along the main path and in the main car park, or feel free to take any waste home with you and dispose of it there.



One of the green bins for dog waste
Bin for dog waste
One of the green bins for dog waste

Whether you walk on the heaths or in the woods, you and your dog will have a teriffic time exploring and finding new things to see and (particularly in the case of your dog) smell!