Breaking new ground at Wheal Coates

Wheal Coates new footpaths
Published : 29 Nov 2017

Creating better footpaths along the coast at Wheal Coates.

Footpath pitching

The rangers have been out at Wheal Coates repairing and re-routing the network of footpaths.

Wheal Coates footpath repair work
The new footpaths at Wheal Coates

Over time the wind and rain has cut channels around the site which look like a network of extra foot paths. The team have been out on site to see where the real paths should be and have been hard at it laying stone, returfing edges and building up damaged walling.

Creating footpaths at Wheal Coates
Wheal Coates footpath work

The result will be beautifully crafted footpaths which will make it clear where to walk around Wheal Coates mine buildings and down onto the coast path.