Volunteering at White Mill

Volunteer, garden, guide, Hidcote, Gloucestershire

The safety of our staff, volunteers, visitors and supporters is our top concern and in accordance with Government guidelines on social distancing, our houses, shops, cafes, gardens and car parks are now closed. However, many will be grateful for support when they reopen. If you are interested in volunteering, please keep checking for future opportunities.

White Mill offers visitors an insight into the patterns of a living and working community on a large country estate. To properly share the stories and heritage of the mill, we are looking for people to help with this special place. 

Opening this peaceful corner of Dorset

Only open on weekends and holidays, volunteers welcome visitors, offer tours throughout the day, and play a valuable role in safeguarding the interiors and collections. 

White Mill currently has around 20 volunteers. Paul is one of these:

" Every time I volunteer at the mill I learn something new, not just from the other volunteers, but also from the visitors."
- Paul Jones, volunteer guide

As a volunteer at White Mill you’ll have the opportunity to learn new skills, share your knowledge and enthusiasm with our visitors, and enjoy a social calendar with the Kingston Lacy volunteer team, including a Summer garden party, Christmas drinks, and the Spring Conference.

If you are interested in volunteering with us, get in touch via whitemill@nationaltrust.org.uk, or call 01258 858051.