Volunteer Story - Wicken Fen

Glynis - Social Media Volunteer, Wicken Fen

Glynis Pierson - Glynis - Social Media Volunteer

I have been volunteering for almost two years both at Wicken Fen and Anglesey Abbey, and now I am the social media volunteer at Wicken Fen.

Glynis volunteer article.

How I started volunteering

I made enquiries initially to join the garden team at Anglesey Abbey but they didn’t need anyone at that time, but Peter Green (Wicken Fen Volunteer Manager) matched me up with Wicken Fen by my interests: wildflowers, nature and walking.

I visit at least once a week but sometimes more if there is a opportunity to photograph something different.

I started out using just my iPhone and then progressed to using a Canon M5 with a 18-150mm and macro lens 28mm. But I still use my iPhone as I get different results. I am a complete amateur as far as photography goes.

The benefits for me of volunteering

Walking on the reserve is relaxing and beneficial to my wellbeing and there is always something that interests me.

By slowing down my pace of life due to medical reasons I have become more observant of nature. Standing quietly or sitting for a while are my top tips to seeing what’s at Wicken Fen.
I do visit sometimes with a project in mind but usually I just happen upon to see something that’s a bit special.

This role suits me because I can come anytime from dawn to dusk, plus I can pick which days or times to suit the weather conditions, seasonal changes and events.  I recommend volunteering for a charity as it’s so rewarding, has improved my IT skills and boosted my confidence.  It’s educational plus I enjoy meeting fellow volunteers, staff and visitors.