Supporting the National Gardens Scheme on June 7th

Relaxing under a tree in the gardens of Wightwick Manor

On Tuesday the 7th of June we will be donating all the entry fees from our visitors towards the National Gardens Scheme, as well as asking our members to make a donation towards to support the charity.

Since the National Gardens Scheme was set up in 1927 it had used proceeds from members of the public opening their gardens for money to support carious charities. In 1948 the National Trust opened some of its gardens as part of the scheme, and NGS started to fund work in our gardens. In 2001 the scheme started to fund our Heritage Gardening Training program to help the next generation of gardeners.

With the Manor closed on Tuesdays it's the day when the garden can come to the fore and shine. on the 7th you can chat to our gardeners and enjoy the stunning Arts & Crafts garden designed by Thomas Mawson in 1905.

We're not the only garden open on the 7th, nearby is 19 Waterdale, a magical garden hidden in suburban Wolverhampton. You can use our walking trail that takes you along the canal to go from our carpark to Waterdale. They are also open on Sunday the 5th of June, see the NGS websote for full details.

Why not discover other gardens open near you at the National Gardens Scheme's website.