Parterre and Dutch Garden

A family stroll through the floral parterre at Wimpole Hall

The Victorian Parterre was restored in 1996, in a Union Jack pattern of triangular beds, edged with box and planted with colourful seasonal bedding and evergreens.

The original Victorian parterre at Wimpole was at sometime grassed over, however the footprint of the design remained on the ground and when snow fell, the shapes of the original beds could be seen and this was the design recreated in the 1990s.

Parterre Lawn before borders added

A grant from the National Garden Scheme paid for some of the thousands of box hedging plants  that were planted creating the framework for the new beds, with Euonymus filling some of the quadrants.

Over the next year, our garden team will be beginning a new project to revitalise the Parterre, re-planting the geometric beds with a display of seasonally flowering perennials. This project with help us to make the Parterre, more environmentally friendly, help to combat climate change and create a year-round display. Currently the Parterre is planted twice yearly with tulips in spring and salvias in autumn. Re-planting with a range of perennials that bloom at different times of year will help us to save water, labour and the climate costs of shipping and producing new plants and top soil each year. 

The best view of the parterre is from the Chancellors Dressing Room on the first floor of the Hall, it was designed to be accessed via the Saloon steps on the North side of the house.

Dutch Garden

The Dutch Garden immediately behind the house, was restored in 1985, based on a highly geometric pattern, with dense planting of hardy fuchsia, anemone blanda and clipped box hedging.  

Referring to old photographs originally it had water features with topiary and possibly statues, but now spiralized box hedges and edging create the structure and symmetry.