Wimpole's Shire horse project

Wimpole shire horses coming in from the paddock

Our heavy horses have some new stabling that will allow the horses to be housed together for the first time and provide a better viewing area for our visitors.

If you like to see the Shires at Wimpole you might have noticed there was a limited view of the horses whilst they stood in their stalls, you used see a horses backside.  The Shire horse team also worked in three areas of the farm there was no dedicated area to run daily events and demonstrations for visitors to watch.

What's was the plan?

Building works and stabling provided six new much larger stables, two stalls, a hot water wash box and more chances for people to learn about and meet the shires.

Moving in . . . 

With the work now complete the Shires have moved in, getting used to the larger space, rubber flooring and having a hot shower!  

Wimpole Shire horse Jasper in his new Stable
Wimpole Shire horse Jasper in his new Stable
Wimpole Shire horse Jasper in his new Stable

Your chance to come and have a look . . .

Go on a short guided walk around the new Stables daily until 31 July.

Book your placein the Stable Block Ticket Office then walk down to meet at the Great Barn at Home Farm at 2pm to take a tour to find out more about the new heavy horse yard.  

How the new stables were built, why they were needed and most importantly meet the horses in their fantastic new accommodation?

We'll also start to use the demonstration area for harnessing and grooming the horses, so keep an eye out on your next visit to the farm for other things happening, but in the meantime don't forget to pop down to the Shire stables and say "hello" to some of the Wimpole Shires.

Wimpole Shire Horse Project