The next stage of our restoration

National Trust undertakes flood resilience works at Winchester City Mill, Hampshire, 2019

The successful completion of the major structural restoration means that we can now begin phase 2 of the integral conservation work at Winchester City Mill.

To ensure that City Mill can cope with future flood events, such as that which struck the building over the winter of 2014, we will now be undertaking flood resilience measures, in partnership with the Environmental Agency and Winchester City Council. This is to guarantee the future of this ancient and unique part of Winchester’s heritage.

In 2018, the National Trust undertook a major programme of restoration here at City Mill. With the restoration work now complete, work has begun on phase 2 of the project – to improve the flood resilience of the building.

This 2-3 week project involves strengthening the three arches over the fast millrace at the front of the building, as well as the construction of a flood barrier between the slow millrace and the building’s basement.

Winchester City Mill Milling once again
Winchester City Mill Milling once again
Winchester City Mill Milling once again

The waterwheel, millrace and island garden are open, as well as the fully restored mill floor which houses our hands-on interactive activities. We have also resumed our monthly baking demonstrations and weekly milling demonstrations which can be enjoyed every Saturday and Sunday, 11am-3pm, and Wednesdays during the school holidays. The Mill shop and the South Downs Gateway are also open daily from 10am.


Re-live City Mill's restoration project

Re-watch our 2018 major restoration work to save Winchester City Mill with our time lapse video footage. See into the bowels of the building and watch intricate repairs being made to oak beams that haven’t see the light of day for decades.

Family fun at Winchester City Mill, Hampshire, National Trust

What's on for families 

As well as monthly baking sessions and weekly milling demonstrations, join Winchester City Mill for lots of family fun, perfect for all ages. Check out our What’s On page for further details.

The future of Winchester City Mill

This work gives us a great opportunity to improve the facilities here, with a focus on expanding our education offer. Please continue to support these future projects and buy a £1 National Trust raffle ticket from our designated raffle volunteers or visitor reception.

We hope you can join us as this hidden gem begins a new chapter in its history.