Save Winchester City Mill

Children watching a demonstration of milling techniques at Winchester City Mill

Dating back well over a thousand years, Winchester City Mill lies in the heart of this medieval city and has, until now, weathered the course of time. However, following recent flood damage, Winchester is at risk of losing one of its most historic properties. We’re determined to protect the mill and safeguard its future, but the only way we can achieve our goal is with your help.

For centuries this ancient mill, the oldest working watermill in Britain, has been an integral part of Winchester’s heritage. From its early Anglo-Saxon origins right up until the present day, it’s stood the test of time. 

City Mill was restored back to full working order in 2004. Since then, in addition to producing our own flour and demonstrating traditional milling techniques to hundreds of thousands of visitors, the mill has become a thriving destination for families, offering practical baking demonstrations as well as learning opportunities for visiting schools.

Significant flood damage

During the heavy floods over the winter of 2013 and 2014 the mill suffered significant damage with much of the building inundated by the main flow of the river. This weight of water posed a very real threat to the building’s walls.

Emergency propping has been temporarily installed in the basement space
The basement spaces at Winchester City Mill post flood damage

As the water receded and repair work began, we found that many of the ancient beams were in a bad state of decay. Emergency propping has had to be installed to provide vital support to the building. With these temporary measures in place we now have to make permanent repairs within the next 12 months to ensure that the structure stays standing. Time is pressing and we’re not able to begin this important work until the entire amount needed is raised.

Make your mark on another millennium

We need to raise £125,000 to carry out essential repairs or the Mill may have to close. This is something that we can only achieve with your generous support. To help us reach our fundraising targets, we’re hosting a whole range of events and special moments over the coming months. From a record breaking 30 hour ‘millathon’ to a sponsored rubber-duck racing extravaganza, we hope that you’ll join us for some brilliant days out, whilst helping to ensure that our historic city retains one of its best-loved landmarks.

There are a number of ways to help. You can get in touch with us and make a donation over the phone, or in person on site at the mill. You can also donate online via our Just Giving page. You could buy a bag of our fresh stoneground flour milled by our team of dedicated volunteer millers, or even bake a batch of brownies using our recipe cards on sale from our shop.

The money that you help us raise will ensure the survival of this truly unique working watermill for you, for our local community and for generations to come.