Eating and shopping at Woolsthorpe Manor

A visitor with a bowl of soup and a slice of fresh bread at a National Trust café

Small place. Small coffee shop. Tiny National Trust shop. Tasty and interesting goodies, though.

Despite its small size, Newton's Barn Coffee Shop is packed with flavour including filter coffee, a range of teas, hot chocolate, cakes (some gluten free), scones and small snacks. During the winter months our menu is a bit more restricted but we offer tasty soup, plus gluten-free pasties and quiches.
There are picnic tables in the north orchard and in the picnic field close to the small car park.
Drop into the tiny shop in the Goat House ticket office to find things you won't find in many other Natinal Trust places. If you're looking for presents for a jam-loving, puzzle fanatic scientist or just a bar of chocolate-covered marzipan - this is the place.
We have a growing second-hand bookshop in one of the old stables - it's mostly fiction and other good reads, so come along and pick up some summer reading.

Top Isaac Newton gifts

  • wooden apples - hand-turned by a local craftsman just three miles away
  • books - biographies of Isaac Newton and mathematical puzzles
  • Newton's cradles - for hours of fascination
  • mugs and fridge magnets illustrated by Quentin Blake
  • keyrings made from cuttings from our famous tree
  • scientific presents for all ages
Tim Peake reading Isaac Newton's Principia in space


Discover more about the story of the famous Newton apple tree in our brand new guidebook, with a special foreword by Tim Peake.