Guided Tours at Woolsthorpe Manor

Looking into the Manor with reflection of orchard on one side.

New for Tuesdays - Guided Tour Experience until 18th September. Please note places are limited.

Get a deeper insight into Isaac Newton, man and boy, here at the site of his greatest creativity. Explore how the circumstances of his birth, his childhood and his life as a scholar combined to produce one of the greatest scientists of all time.

You'll be taken back to the seventeenth century at a time of civil war, religious fervour and superstition.  To a farmhouse in rural Lincolnshire where life's rhythm was set by the seasons and the agricultural calendar.

In the simple natural environment, Newton started to experiment, explore and discover. Taking his first steps into a life of scientific endeavour.

Overlay of new Newtonian graffiti
Overlay of new Newtonian graffiti of a windmill, recently discovered at Woolsthorpe Manor
Overlay of new Newtonian graffiti

On return from the University of Cambridge, he undertook some of his most revolutionary thinking and experimentation here at Woolsthorpe. Let our Newton experts illuminate how this work at Woolsthorpe would come to shape modern scientific thinking.

Please book your place on arrival at visitor reception, as tours are on a first come, first serve basis. All tours are free with admission and only bookable on the day.

Please note the Manor will only be open to tour attendees.