I fell in love with hens in Wordsworth’s garden

Volunteer Kat Curr in the garden outside the National Trust's Wordsworth House in Cumbria

One of the key parts of my role is visitor engagement and I do love chatting – not necessarily about the garden, I must admit!

I spend about four hours a week here, which I fit around part-time jobs as an assistant in a library and at a building society.

It’s very rewarding to be able to answer visitors’ questions, and over the five years I’ve been at Wordsworth House and Garden, I’ve developed a good working knowledge of many aspects of the garden – I sometimes forget it’s not mine!

The role also involves a lot of manual work, of course, and includes a variety of tasks such as preparing beds, weeding, watering, pruning and planting.

Love story

I particularly enjoy looking after the three heritage hens. I’d always thought hens were dull creatures, but I’ve completely fallen in love with our girls (especially Maisie, but don’t tell the other two).

They’re enchanting; each has her own personality, and they’re very soothing to be around as they’re extremely good listeners!

My other favourite job is updating the garden blackboard and writing the plant labels and quotes from William’s poems, which are all on pieces of recycled slate. I love calligraphy, so it was wonderful to be given the opportunity to create these.


The staff at Wordsworth House and Garden are incredibly supportive and we volunteers are encouraged to develop our skills and interests.

Being here has really helped boost my confidence. I’d highly recommend volunteering with the National Trust to anyone.