Brought to Light: the photographs of Rupert Potter

The Potter family standing outside Wray Castle

Brought to Light showcases the photography of Rupert Potter, father of Beatrix, in a never before seen way.

A keen amateur photographer, Rupert, like many of us today, spent time on his holidays taking family photographs and capturing the beautiful locations where he spent his summers, including Wray Castle and Derwent Water.  

To bring these nineteenth century photographs to a modern audience the original prints have been scanned and enlarged onto lightboxes hung in the dining room. Photographs of the interior of Wray capture the fine detail of wealthy life and provide the best record that we have of Wray Castle at this time. Rupert’s shots of the wider landscape show his passion for the scenery and skill as a photographer.

Whilst the interiors of Wray have changed over time, many of the landscapes captured by Rupert have remained the same. Stand in the same spot as the Potter family on the lawn at Wray for your family photograph or explore the landscapes Rupert admired.

Admission to Wray Castle required. Free for National Trust members