Husky mushing at Wray Castle

Husky dogs running in grounds of Wray Castle, Cumbria

Husky mushing is perhaps something you’d expect to see on the snow fields of Alaska, not on the western shore of Windermere. But this winter visitors can have a go at this historic practice in the heart of the Lakes.

‘Mushing’ means a transport method powered by dogs. Over winter at Wray Castle, you can have a go yourself, without having to suffer the minus temperatures and winds of the icy Arctic Circle - just perhaps the odd drop of Lake District rain!


As you set off, you’ll hear Sonia, the leader of the ‘pack’, shouting the command ‘hike’ – which really gets the dogs going, then you’ll be off on your tour of the Wray Castle grounds. Don’t worry - there is a brake if you’d like to take things a bit slower!

Horse and Husky

The mushing is run by Horse and Husky, a company from north Cumbria who specialise in husky tours and experiences. 'We love bringing the dogs to Wray Castle,' Sonia said. 'The paths and tracks around the castle grounds are perfect for exploring by husky, it really is a unique family experience.'

Rescue dogs

All the dogs are rescue dogs. They're beautiful Siberian Huskies, with majestic names such as Ice, Luna and Shadow. They have a very gentle nature, perfect for being around children, but there’s nothing they love more than working in a pack to pull the sleds. There are both steady dogs for beginners and speedy dogs for the more experienced.

There are a range of Husky experiences available to try at the Castle; from young children’s short rides to full tuition sessions. Advance booking is required. Please visit Horse and Husky or call 01229 718488 to speak to Sonia.