Uncover hidden histories at Wray Castle this autumn

Visitors enjoy a behind the scenes tour of Wray Castle wearing hard hats and high-vis vests

Talks and tours this autumn will help you learn more about the characters who've lived and stayed here as we shed some light on the castle's colourful history.

Behind closed doors tour

This is your chance to see some hidden features of Wray Castle and visit parts of the Victorian Mansion that aren't usually open to visitors, including the double boathouse on the west shore of Windermere. Every weekend in November, 12 noon - 1.30pm.

Hard Hat Tours

Go beyond the usual visitor route into some of the unseen parts of Wray Castle to learn more about this quirky Victorian house. We'll provide hard hats, torches and high-vis vests so you're fully equipped to explore! Saturday 16 September & Saturday 14 October, 11am and 2pm, advance booking needed via the castle. £2 per person.

Upcoming events

The Women of Wray Castle: Convention and Control

Sat 17 Nov 2018
This year sees us reflecting on the lives of two prominent women from Wray Castle's story. The exhibition encompasses artistic installations, research material and poses questions for reflection.

Upping Sticks at Sixty

Sat 17 Nov 2018
This 10 minute talk introduces the Dawsons, the upwardly mobile middle class couple from Liverpool, who built Wray Castle and made a new life in the Lake District.

Hard Hat Tour

Sat 17 Nov 2018
Grab a torch for this exclusive behind-the-scenes tour. It'll be a rare opportunity to explore the highs and lows of the castle (literally).

Reading Wray Castle

Sat 17 Nov 2018
This 10 minute talk will equip visitors with the skills to understand the architecture of Wray Castle - inside and out.

“Are we still debating this?”

Sun 18 Nov 2018
To celebrate our 2018 ‘Women of Wray Castle: Convention and Control’ exhibition, local community groups will be holding presentations and debates revolving around women’s experiences today.