Mammal Bioblitz

A hedgehog wandering through grass

It’s all about mammals large and small at Ravenscar between Saturday 21 and Sunday 29 October.

We’re feeling inspired by The Mammal Society’s National Mammal Week, so our rangers have teamed up with other conservation organisations and local wildlife enthusiasts to create events and activities to put UK mammals in the spotlight.

A bottlenose dolphin playfully breaches the waves
A bottlenose dolphin playfully breaches the waves on its back

We begin with a weekend-long Marine Mammal Watch, keeping a lookout from the cliff tops at Peak Alum Works for a glimpse of whales, dolphins or porpoises. Later in the week you can create a home for wildlife by building a bat box to be put up in Bluebell Wood or making a hedgehog house for your own garden. 

The Hawk and Owl Trust will be joining us to run a workshop dissecting owl pellets to discover what small mammals have been on the menu – a fascinating experience for any budding nature detective. 

We’re back to the sea for a ranger-led guided walk to visit Ravenscar’s seal colony, learning about their lives and the challenges facing them on this rocky stretch of the Yorkshire coast along the way. 

A young grey seal basks in the sun on Ravenscar's rocky shore
A young grey seal basks on rocks in the sun

The week draws to a close with a small mammal trapping session at the Alum Works. A rare chance for close up views of voles, mice and perhaps shrews too, as you help capture vital information on Ravenscar’s small mammal population. 

All events are free, apart from a £10 charge if you build a hedgehog house to take home. Donations will be gratefully received and go directly towards conservation work on the Yorkshire coast. 

For full details of each event, please visit our what’s on page. If you still have any questions, you can get in touch with our ranger Bill by email: or phone: 01723 870 423.