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Inspiring the next generation

Learning outside the classroom is a big hit with the pupils

Learning outside the classroom is a big hit with the pupils

It’s often said that children are the conservationists of the future, but the pupils of Peterston Super Ely Primary School are one step ahead and during the spring and summer can often be found getting their hands dirty at Lanlay.

We’ve been working with the school for the last few years, with mutual benefits. Our ranger for Lanlay has helped the school to run their gardening club, while year five pupils have spent time at Lanlay helping us with our conservation work, bashing Himalayan balsam, as well as ticking off as many of their 50 things to before you’re 11 ¾ as they can.

The school also uses Lanlay as an outdoor classroom, taking pupils away from the confines of their school room and using the meadows to teach kids about subjects as varied as science, history, art and geography.

The regulars

  • Clearing enchroaching scrub such as brambles to keep the meadows open and allow new growth
  • Keeping Lanlay pristine by litter picking
  • Ensuring the fences are stockproof so we don't have any escapee ponies
  • Removing alder and willow from the Rhos pasture so it stays wet, just the way this particular grass likes it
  • Continuing the traditional skill of hedgelaying