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A wild stretch of coastline from blue lagoon to beach

Popular with divers and coasteerers, Abereiddi's Blue Lagoon is a spectacular coastal feature. The lagoon is actually a flooded former slate quarry and you can still see atmospheric ruined quarry buildings on the clifftops.

Escape from the hustle and bustle of modern day life with a walk along the quiet and secluded Abermawr Beach, with marsh and woodlands behind. It was once selected by Brunel as a cable and railway terminus.

Then explore Abercastle, a picturesque cove and fishing village, with a sand and shingle beach. Ruined limekilns and a corn store are further signs of Pembrokeshire's industrial past.

This is a great coast to explore by kayak. Whether you’re spotting seabirds on the rocks or just towing a mackerel line, you can often see more from sea level than from the coast path - and with half the effort.

Take a look at our short article about how the recent storms have altered the beach head and car park at Abereiddi and what we are doing about it.

Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2013

27 metres, 55 mph, 3 seconds © National Trust

27 metres, 55 mph, 3 seconds

On 13-14 September we hosted the UK stop of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2013 at Abereiddi's Blue Lagoon. The event brought the world's top cliff divers to one of their favourite stops in the series. Three-thousand people watched the competition over two days, which was judged a huge success.

Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2013

The Blue Lagoon after the 2013 cliff diving © National Trust

The Blue Lagoon after the 2013 cliff diving

Five days after the event the Blue Lagoon was restored to its normal condition. In October two seal pups were born in the lagoon and by early November both pups had left the lagoon.

Coastal discovery tours with Preseli Venture

This summer, experience family friendly or adult coasteering or kayaking wildlife tours with Preseli Venture to explore the most beautiful and remote parts of the Abereiddi to Abermawr coastline.

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Discover the colour on a Great Welsh Walk

Coastal slopes cloaked with the yellows and browns of fading bracken, the headlands spotted with the pink flowers of common heather and the woodland start to change from green to gold.

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