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Quarrymen cottages at Abereiddi slate works

The ruins of the quarrymen cottages are adjacent to the car park, along what was called The Row. Above The Row are the remains of the foreman's house and the powder store.

Don't miss

  • Eating out in Porthgain - try the Sloop or the Shed
  • The serpent tree curling its way over the footpath in Abermawr woods
  • The wild beauty of Traeth Llyfn beach, between Abereiddi and Porthgain
  • The sunset over the coast towards St Davids from the Blue Lagoon
  • Rubble artwork on the floor of the granite quarry near Porthgain
  • Atlantic grey seals - they give birth on the remote beaches in autumn

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Look out for...

Seal pup at Pembrokeshire © Phil Newman

October. Atlantic grey seals use our remote beaches and caves to give birth. Listen for their eerie calls from the bottom of the cliffs. Sometimes pups swim into the Blue Lagoon.


Look out for...

Try counting sheep for real on the Pembrokeshire coast in winter © Andrew Tuddenham

November. The coast between Abereiddi and Porthgain hosts hundreds of visiting sheep in winter. They're brought here from mid Wales for the milder weather and richer pasture.

Look out for...

Tricky to count, starling flocks are fast moving and aerobatic ©

December.  Look out for flocks of lapwings and starlings over the fields.  Cold weather in the east of Britain and continental Europe brings them here.


Enjoy Abermawr's charming woodlands, tucked behind the shingle beach and marsh. They're famous for their spring bluebells. Abermawr nearly became a busy cable and railway terminus, but Brunel's plans were not developed.

Family adventures

50 Things to do before you're 11 3/4 

We reckon there are at least 19 things to do at Abereiddi to Abermawr.  Here's the top 5:

  • Hunt for fossils and bones
  • Skim a stone
  • Try rock climbing
  • Catch a falling leaf
  • Make a home for a wild animal