Our work

Restoring a rare landscape

Bickerton Hill is home to one of the world's rarest landscapes which is rapidly declining. Find out why restoring lowland heath is so important.

Managing the heathland

Find out what we've been doing at Bickerton Hill over the last two decades to rejuvenate rare lowland heath.

Looking to the future 2013 - 2023

We're working to ensure roughly 50% of Bickerton Hill returns to lowland heath whilst retaining 50% woodland.

Regeneration of threatened wildlife

The effect of tree felling means a much greater opportunity for wildlife to inhabit the hill.

Heathland plan - the next steps

The attached map shows areas already returned to lowland heath as a result of previous countryside stewardship schemes, 1992 - 2012 (in purple).  The areas in orange will be thinned in the next phase.