Things to see & do

What to look out for

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What's on?

Enjoy the fresh air and getting back to basics when you join us by taking part in a bushcraft day, learn more about fungi or even head out on a guided walk.


At Allen Banks you can complete a range of '50 Things to do before you're 11 ¾' tasks by yourself and tackle the tricker ones with some help from us via an event.

Don't miss...

  • Going on a hike
  • Learning all about fungi and its habitat
  • Wrapping up and taking your pooch for an adventure
  • Discovering wildlife in their own habitat
  • Sleeping under the stars during our Bushcraft Weekend
  • Having a well-deserved rest in the new and improved summerhouse
  • Snacking on a picnic at the seating area
Autumn view across Staward Pele © Graeme Peacock

Autumn view across Staward Pele

Colourful walks

See this little pocket of fabulousness to the right? It could just put a pretty big smile on your face...

Join us this autumn by taking part in the Great British Walk and explore this beautiful woodland, witness the vibrant colours on the trees, clear your head and basically, feel very, very happy!

Join a Fungi Foray

The woodland here provides the perfect habitat for a wonderful array of fungi, and you can take part in one of our very popular Fungi Forays to learn all about it!

Try geocaching

Love your technology but want to do it outdoors? Now you can. Try geocaching here - it's perfect for a treasure hunt with its nooks and crannies and lots of hidden caches.

Dine al fresco

Bring along your favourite snacks and drinks for a picnic at a secluded spot in the woodland. If you prefer hot drinks and snacks Housesteads Visitor Centre is just up the road.