Things to see & do

While you're at Allen Banks...

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It's nearly Easter

Love chocolate? (Us too!) Set off on a hunt for the clues to make your way around Allen Banks. venture across the wobbly bridge (see how much it wobbles) and make your way back to claim your chocolate! £1 per trail.

Woodland walks

Don't opt for a posh day out and spend lots of money, come here instead! Enjoy the fresh air and history as you make your way round Allen Banks woodland - bring the kids and the dogs, it's a place for everyone (and everything).

Don't miss...

  • Wrapping up and enjoying a brisk spring walk through the woodland
  • Admiring the night sky at a new Dark Sky Discovery Site
  • Taking your pooch for an adventure
  • Snacking on a picnic at the seating area
  • Having a well-deserved rest in the new and improved summerhouse
  • Discovering wildlife in their own habitat
Become a National Trust ranger during a Family Working Holiday © National Trust / Heather Cook

Become a National Trust ranger during a Family Working Holiday

Try something new

We all do it. Say we'll try something new this year and before we know it time has flown by.

If you'd like to break the mould, what about booking onto a Family Working Holiday at Allen Banks? Experience what it's like to be a ranger, explore the outdoors and best of all, enjoy time together as a family.

Spring wildlife

Have you heard about the family of otters residing at Allen Banks? Let us know if you see them during your visit. There's also a whole range of other spring wildlife here, wonder what there is?

Learn about nature

There's an array of fungi and a whole range of species that crops up here, so Ranger Jonny Tomlinson has set up an iSpot account - can you help us to identify them and show us what you see too.

Cosy up for a picnic

Bring along your favourite snacks (and treats) as well as drinks for a picnic at a secluded spot in the woodland. If you prefer hot drinks and food Housesteads Visitor Centre is just up the road.