Detail of 'The Fountain' a silk and wool tapestry in the Queen's Bedchamber at Ham House, Surrey

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Helmet and face mask of Samurai armour at Snowshill Manor
Samurai helmet and face armour, Snowshill Manor National Trust Images / Andreas von Einsiedel

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We care for one of the world’s largest art and heritage collections. With close to one million objects at over 200 historic places, a surprise discovery awaits you around every corner.

Lacock Abbey by John Piper
Lacock Abbey from the West by John Piper, 1903 National Trust Images

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Over the years many of our landscapes and buildings have inspired artists. With the Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year competition underway, uncover some of the paintings that have captured our special places.

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The majority of objects in our care are recorded in our online database. You'll find many intriguing items to explore at places near you