Floral highlights at Chirk Castle

You can see beautiful flowers throughout the year in the gardens at Chirk. Here's a small selection of our delightful flowers that send gorgeous scents wafting through the garden.


    Rhododendrons William and Elizabeth in the shrub garden at Chirk

    From large shrubs to the smallest rockery plant of a few inches tall, rhododendrons give a regular display with all the colours of the rainbow. We have the larger varieties ‘arboreum’ and many hardy hybrids in the Wild Garden and Shrub Garden.


    Rose variety All Gold in the Rose Garden

    Lady Margaret Myddelton was very fond of roses - especially scented ones. Many of her favourite varieties grow in the rose garden. Including Dearest (soft pink), Allgold (bright golden colour) and Elizabeth of Glamis (salmon pink).

    We have many other roses around the garden from tall climbers like Rosa ‘Madame D’Arblay with soft pink carnation-like flowers, to Rosa ‘Blanc Double de Coubert’ - a white shrubby variety.


    Rhododendron Blue Tit

    Azaleas are just a different type of rhododendron. They come in many different flower colours and habits. We have mainly deciduous types with scented flowers in  whites, oranges and pinks.

    You can see Japanese evergreen types on the rockery with primarily pink flowers.

    Daffodils and narcissus


    We have many different varieties from the tiny Narcissus Cyclamineus to the large-flowered Narcissus King Alfred.

    You can see them throughout the garden with the most vibrant displays in the lime avenue and long border areas. 


    Iris Bold Print at Chirk Castle

    Lady Magaret Mydellton was very fond of the iris. She liked mainly blue forms and these are prominent on the Long Border.

    You can see a number of varieties including Iris siberica and the small Iris innominata in the Shrub Garden, and Iris stylosa, the winter flowering species on the Long Border.


    Dierama- Angel

    Angel’s Fishing Rods or Wand Flower are a prominent feature of the garden from July to September. The bells vary in colour from pale pink to purple and arch above grass-like foliage.


    Close up view of Hosta leaves

    We have numerous varieties all with their broad leaves throughout the summer. To the envy of our visitors, our gritty loam tends to discourage slugs so ours remain hole free.


    Anemone on the rockery at Chirk Castle

    One of the stars of the late summer garden. They all flower for long spells in late summer and most do not require staking.

    Here are the most striking varieties to look out for: A. September Charm, A. Whirlygig - double white form, A. Konigin Charlotte - semi double pink  and A. Honorine Jobert - glowing single white.