50 things to do at White Horse Hill

Whether it's rising to the challenge of climbing this big hill, or succumbing to the thrill of tumbling back down it, the White Horse Hill at Uffington is guaranteed to leave children breathless.

Even on the calmest day, you can always find a breeze to fly a kite... in fact, most of the time you must take care not to take off too.

And the sense of freedom and oneness with nature that comes from standing at the top of the hill is second to none. It's got to be one of the best places to challenge a child to climb a hill, fly a kite and then roll back down.

Park up at our car park, and savour the views, as you head out across the fields towards the site of the White Horse.

Ask our staff and volunteers in the car park, on hand to help you on Saturdays and Sundays (weather permitting). Otherwise, download our helpful map of the hill (PDF) before you come.

    02 Roll down a really big hill

    Two brothers roll down White Horse Hill, Uffington, Oxfordshire

    Dare you tumble down the precipitous slopes under the famous white horse towards the Manger, or would you rather roll down Dragon Hill? This extraordinary hillock is said to be where St George slayed the ferocious fire-breathing dragon. Watch out for the white mark at the top, where it is said that the dragon fell and his poisonous blood has scarred the landscape to this day...

    07 Fly a kite

    Girl with sunglasses reflecting kite flying at White Horse Hill, Oxfordshire

    Feel the exhilarating tug of the wind against the strings of your kite... but watch out you don't take off...

    16 Make a daisy chain

    We have a meadow full of daisies outside in the summer at Packwood House, Warwickshire

    Simply take some time out to relax at the top of the hill by making a daisy chain, as you soak up the views.

    25 Make a grass trumpet

    Blow a grass trumpet and tick it off your list of 50 things this year

    Make wild music with grass trumpets...

    28 Climb a huge hill

    View of dragon hill at the White Horse Hill, Uffington, Oxfordshire

    Put your best foot forward and climb to the highest point in Oxfordshire. The trig point, which marks 262m, is located between the horse and Uffington Castle. From here enjoy the best views of this dramatic landscape with its high crest and rippling valley. Then challenge yourself to climb up the side of the Manger to the white horse or follow in the footsteps of St George and conquer Dragon Hill.