Become an explorer at Levant

Come and try our fantastic explorer packs and start your adventure today. Our packs contain five different activities to keep all the family entertained. Pick up one at reception upon arrival and get exploring.

    Bug hunting

    Taking a closer look at wildlife

    Use the bug pot to examine creepy crawlies under rocks and between stones. Try to identify your little critter on the handy bug identification card included.


    Rock rubbings

    rock rubbing

    A century ago, children would have to spend their days breaking rocks from dawn till dusk. Luckily this is no longer the case so why not make some fun rock art? Different rocks produce very different results. Grab a crayon and get creative.

    Sea and sky

    Four people sat on the coast birdwatching with binoculars

    Use the mini binoculars to look for sea birds, mammals and birds of prey. Can you spot any of the animals on the tick sheet provided?


    Treasure map

    Child with a compass

    Draw and colour your own treasure map. Use the compass to find which way is north.

    Stone detector

    A young girl with a magnifying glass ready to explore wildlife at Anglesey Abbey

    As an old mine, Levant has plenty of different types of rock littered around the site. Use our detector chart to work out which is which.