Kate Martin - Area ranger

Kate Martin our area ranger at Formby, Liverpool © Kate Martin

Kate Martin our area ranger at Formby, Liverpool

Kate Martin
Area ranger
Formby, Liverpool

If you want something with all your heart it seems you can achieve it. With a love of wild places, and especially the coast, Kate Martin always knew that she wanted to work outdoors and connect people with nature. And at Formby in Liverpool, she has it all – red squirrels, rare natterjack toads and mile upon mile of sandy beaches and dramatic sand dunes.

In 2004 she started taking seasonal work in countryside conservation, but also working as a bank cashier to keep funds going. Then in 2009 she finally landed her dream job as area ranger at Formby.

This is the perfect place from which Kate can share her natural enthusiasm through the media – from rock pooling with Chris Packham, to sharing the screen with red squirrels on Newsround and highlighting the dune restoration project.

Kate finds it hard to pick just one special place, as to her there are so many. Of Ynys y Fydlyn in Anglesey she says: 'You could easily believe that this beautiful, secluded cove was on a tropical island as it has pale grey to white shingle and sand gently sloping into crystal clear turquoise water.'

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