Our mobile apps: FAQs

Phone © Rob Drake


While many people use our mobile apps, we recognise that there are some questions that you may have.

Why is it only available for Android and iPhone?
As a charity, we have to spend our money very cautiously. While we haven't currently identified a need to develop apps across other platforms, we're constantly monitoring the demand from other operating systems, and may revise this decision in the future.

Why won't the app work properly on my tablet?
Currently our apps are optimised for mobile phones. This is an issue that we are aware of, and hope to address in the future.

The National Trust iPhone app is currently only designed for iPhone (and iPod Touch) and so, like all other iPhone-only apps, will appear small on an iPad, and may not rotate as you would expect. However, we hope to start work on an iPad version in 2013.

The app won't work properly on Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
We're currently running behind on our Android development, hope to fix this as soon as we can - please bear with us.

Why does the Android app ask for permissions to make calls?
Our Android app does request permissions to access your calls, however please be assured that there is nothing untoward with this. The app offers you the opportunity to use the telephone numbers for each property, but in order for you to select the number and make the call it needs to interact with the phone function on your handset. At no point does it do anything without your permission.

Still got questions?
Get in touch with our team on internet@nationaltrust.org.uk. It would be handy if you could let us know what device and operating system you're using.