Sights on the North East coast

A sight for sore eyes © Roger Coulam

A sight for sore eyes

In a day

Morning:        Souter Lighthouse and The Leas
Begin the day at the iconic Souter Lighthouse, looking over the inspirational coastline you can wander through the lighthouse grounds and discover some of its past since it opened in 1871.

Stay for lunch at Souter Lighthouse, and enjoy homemade food using seasonal vegetables and fruit grown on the lighthouse grounds.

Afternoon:        Lindisfarne Castle
Spend the afternoon at the spectacular Lindisfarne Castle. This old fort was converted into an Edwardian holiday home by the Lutyens and is set on a hill overlooking the North Sea. You will also get views of Gertrude Jekyll’s garden and Lime Kilns, magnificent evidence of Lindisfarne’s industrial past. Book the ‘Private Tour of Lindisfarne Castle’ to be guided around the castle looking at its history and the conservation issues facing the property today.

Turn your visit into a short break by adding:

  • Take a day trip to Newcastle for some shopping, or alternatively find out more about this city’s shipbuilding history.
  • Visit the beautiful Embleton and Newton Links for a nice stroll along this sandy beach.