Derwent Island and House

Looking at Derwent Island House from the Launch © NTPL/Paul Harris

Looking at Derwent Island House from the Launch

Derwent Island is one of our most fascinating treasures. The 18th Century house on this little wooded island is an intriguing residence just visible from the mainland.

The house is inhabited all year round but open to the public for five days every year, giving you the wonderful opportunity to have a look around the house and garden, find out about island life past and present and imagine yourself living in a house which must have one of the most beautiful commutes to the shops in the country!

After a short trip across the lake in a launch you will be free to explore. There will be lots to do for adults and children alike with treasure hunts, guided tours and other activities.

Throughout its history it has been owned by monks and royalty, in the 16th Century it was inhabited by group of German miners when they came to work in the area. They built a camp on the island, grew vegetables, kept animals and eve brewed beer.

The current house was built by Joseph Pocklington in the 18th century, something of an eccentric; he also built a chapel and a small fort on the island, using the fort for mock battles during annual regattas on the lake.

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