Waterfall Cottage

Waterfall Cottage from the rear © National Trust / David Hammond-Williams

Waterfall Cottage from the rear

Recent investigations reveal a fireplace and stairway, confirming this was once a home. 

Can you imagine living in the middle of a busy industrial site like Aberdulais? It's located within the perimeters of the old tinplate works. We also think that all members of the Victorian family who lived here worked at the tinplate works.


While it's currently just a ruin, we're planning to further restore this cottage. This is why some of the walls are numbered. We'll then photograph them as they are and provide the stonemason with an accurate template so that, when he dismantles the building, he can restore each stone to its original position.

See the difference

But we want you to be able to see what we've restored, so we'll use brick rather than stone, so you can see the difference. On your next visit, keep an eye out for this cottage as we continue our restoration work.