What's in season: August



During this month gardens can become a hive of activity, as birds and butterflies battle for air space.

Our crops should be in full swing now, and you should be enjoying dining on the fruits of your labour. We are almost spoilt for choice this with the wide range of food growing on our doorsteps.

Potty about peas

  • Technically a fruit, the humble pea has been a staple of European diets since the Middle Ages
  • A recent survey highlighted that the garden pea was rated Britain's seventh favourite veg
  • The first peas to be frozen were by American Clarence Birdseye
  • The world record for eating peas with a chopstick was set in Sussex in 1984.

Also in season
This month, you could almost eat a different meal everyday with the abundance of different leafy vegetables ready for eating in our seasonal calendar.

Bramley apples, broad beans, runner beans, blueberries, spring green cabbage, savoy cabbage, red cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery, cherries, courgette, cucumber, cos lettuce, curly lettuce, iceberg lettuce, marrow, plums, raspberries, spinach, strawberries and sweetcorn.

Jobs for the garden
If you only do one job this month, it has to be making sure that your plants are well watered. Aim to water your plants in the cooler hours to avoid evaporation - or follow the green gardening advice from Nyman's garden, and reduce the watering by 50 per cent by watering at night.

As with last month, pinch out your tomatoes and runner beans to ensure that you get the best harvest from your plants. Plant out more salad crops to ensure that you have a constant supply towards the end of the season. Take any cuttings that you might want this month.

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