What's in season: June

Courgettes are also in season this month © Paul Watson

Courgettes are also in season this month

By the time June arrives, summer is definitely in the air - or at least in the vegetable patch.

Whether you have grown your own or bought your food, this month nature has provided a wide range of different flavours to be enjoyed.

This month we're talking about elderflowers

  • The elder tree was once believed to have mystical powers, and thought to ward off witches and other evil forces.
  • Today it is better known for its fruit and the delicious wine that can be made from its fruit and leaves.

Get in touch with your foraging side, and head out into the wild. Elder trees are usually found on country lanes and in hedgerows. When picking your berries, it is better to pick them on a dry day and use immediately - or they will start to smell.

Also in season
Asparagus, broad beans, carrots, courgettes, cucumber, curly lettuce, peas, rhubarb, spinach and strawberries.

Try using some of your fresh spinach in this tasty spinach, bacon and stilton salad.

Jobs for the garden
When you've finished harvesting this bumper crop, there's no time to sit back and relax  - there's still loads to be getting on with.

Build supports for your runner beans from your garden canes, plant your sweetcorn and swede outside, check for blackfly and other pests and of course, keep on top of those pesky weeds.

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