50 things to do on the Yorkshire Coast

As the Great Outdoors goes, the Yorkshire Coast really is great. It's full of cool creatures and fantastic adventures. The National Trust has tracked down 50 of the best outdoor things to do before you're 11 ¾ and there's loads of them you can do here.

    Our guide to doing the 50 things on the Yorkshire Coast

    50 things to do before you

    For tips on how to get better at these adventures, play a few games and find out how to win a special explorer medal check out our new 50 things website.

    So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start ticking the 50 things off. It sounds like so much fun even our Ranger team are having a go.

    No 1. Climb a tree

    A man sitting in a tree

    Hayburn Wyke is our top spot for tree climbing on the Yorkshire Coast. Try to find a tree with big sturdy braches and get climbing.

    No 2. Roll down a really big hill

    A person rolling down a hill

    Find a nice grassy slope to roll down. It's best to avoid places with thistles and nettles growing. 

    No 5. Skim a stone

    A man skimming a stone

    We recommend heading to the beach on a day when the waves aren't too big so you can get lots of bounces.

    No 17. Set up a snail race

    People watching snails on a wall

    Look under stones and logs to find your champion racing snails. Make sure you give them plenty of encouragement once they're off.

    No 18. Create some wild art

    Collect natural materials and make some awesome artwork. Twigs, fallen leaves, pebbles - anything you can pick up, as long as it isn't growing or living. 

    No 20. Jump over waves

    Take off your socks and shoes, roll up your trousers and jump those waves! Makes paddling much more exciting. 

    No 22. Take a look inside a tree

    A man looking into a hollow tree

    There could be all sort of exciting creepy crawlies in a hollow tree. Just take a peek and see what you can find.

    No 24. Go on a walk barefoot

    Feel the sand, grass or mud between your toes. The world seems different when you feel it through your feet. 

    No 25. Make a grass trumpet

    Making a grass trumpet

    It's easy to make a grass trumpet. All you need is a nice big blade of grass and plenty of puff. 

    No 26. Hunt for fossils and bones

    Hunting for fossils and bones

    The Yorkshire Coast is famous for its fossils. It's not too hard to find fossil remains on the beaches all the way along the coast, but our favourite spot for a good hunt is Port Mulgrave.

    No 37. Check out the crazy creatures in a rock pool

    A man looking in a rock pool

    There are loads of great places to go rock pooling on the Yorkshire Coast. Try Robin Hood's Bay, Saltburn or Boggle Hole. 

    No 39. Catch a crab

    a small crab on a hand

    While you're checking out those crazy creatures, see if you can catch a crab. Remember to keep your fingers away from the pincers. 

    No 42. Go swimming in the sea

    If you're feeling brave, take the plunge! If the weather is warm enough, there's nothing nicer than bobbing about in the sea. 

    No 44. Go bird watching

    You don't need to know much about birds to enjoy watching them. You'll soon learn to identify a few types and recognise their calls too.

    No 49. Find a geocache

    Finding a geocache

    There are loads of geocaches hidden along the coast, so it's a great place to try out this exciting hobby for the first time. There are some tough ones to keep experienced geocachers entertained too.

Think you can do better? Then please take photos of you doing some of the 50 things and share them with us on our facebook page.