33 things to do before you're 11 ¾ at Birling Gap

We've managed to find 33 things out of the 50 things to do before you're 11 ¾ challenge that we think you can tick off here at Birling Gap. How many can you do?

Pop into our Visitor centre to pick up a scrapbook and some pointers on where to start. We also have tracker packs available to borrow to help you when hunting for creatures in the rockpools or on the downs. Remember to check out our events listing for things that might be going on and get the whole family involved, rain or shine.


    Get outside

    A common blue damselfly rests on a leaf at Frog Firle.

    There's no excuse for not getting going with your list at Birling Gap, start with:

    2. Roll down a really big hill

    21. Pick blackberries growing in the wild

    25. Make a grass trumpet

    31. Hunt for bugs

    42. Go swimming in the sea

    If that's not enough, we've 16 more things to keep you busy.

    5. Skim a stone

    The sea at Birling Gap Beach on a sunny morning

    There are plenty of stones along our beautiful beach to choose from. While you’re down there why not also try:

    18. Create some wild art

    20. Jump over waves

    7. Fly a kite

    Kite flying, a great way to see experience the outdoors.

    It can get pretty windy up on the South Downs- perfect for kites and while you're up there try:

    28. Climb a huge hill

    44. Go bird watching

    37. Check out the crazy creatures in the rock pool

    A boy climbs over rocks during the Birling Gap Rockpool Ramble

    Join us on a rock pool ramble and see what you discover. You could tick these off while you're there:

    8. Catch a fish with a net

    26. Hunt for fossils and bones

    39. Catch a crab

    30. Hold a scary beast

    49. Find a geocache

    Birling Gap walk from the Tiger Inn route map

    How many are nearby? While you're at it, you can try:

    45. Finding your way with a map and compass

    Rain or shine

    Visit us, come rain or shine

    It's not all sunny days at Birling Gap, but that shouldn't keep you indoors when you can still:

    6. Run around in the rain

    15. Play in the snow

    27. Go star gazing

    There are still more adventures to be had at Birling Gap and beyond. Once you've completed one of the things, don't forget to go to the 50 Things website to get it ticked off.