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Welcome to the Beatles' Childhood Homes

An introduction to the homes, featuring Yoko Ono.


John's Aunt Mimi was very houseproud

Mendips is a fine example of 1950s housing. It was lovingly maintained by John's Aunt Mimi and you can still see the house and garden as it was when they lived here. Neat, tidy, yet still cosy, it's a real home.

See inside the special places where:

  • John and Paul grew up
  • The Quarrymen and the Beatles practised some of their earliest songs
  • Please Please Me, I Call Your Name and She Loves You were written
  • Michael McCartney took acclaimed family photographs

20 Forthlin Road

The all-male McCartney family were not quite so houseproud.

A typical example of post-war terraced council housing, 20 Forthlin Road is plainer than Mendips. The McCartney men weren't as houseproud as Aunt Mimi so expect to see mismatched wallpaper, clutter and threadbare sofas.