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Discover the haunting remains of the lost village of Hallsands

An atmospheric and poignant walk along the South West Coast Path.

Journey from the quaint fishing village of Beesands to the tragic remains of Hallsands. Walk alongside the southern coast through farmland brimming with insects, including the very rare Penny Royal (Mentha pulegium), gulls and kestrels.

Enjoy magnificent coastal views of rock formations and local coves looking out towards Start Point before arriving at the ghostly ruins of Hallsands village. Once a bustling community, the village was washed away by storms in 1917 following the removal of the nearby beach. Now only a few ruined houses mark this haunting site.

Celebrating Coast

A year on the South West Coast

This is a year of celebration - we are taking part in South West Coastal Festival to mark a 50 year milestone in the conservation of the coast.

Over 300 miles of the South West coast is protected by the National Trust and a film, specially commissioned by the National Trust, celebrates the stunning landscapes of the South West coast, and showcases the 50 years of coastal conservation by the Neptune campaign.

Download the Coastal Festival calendar

More to explore and see

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Look out for Bug and Charlie

Bug and Charlie the ranger dogs like to make friends with all our visitors

Bug and Charlie are both rescue dogs who belong to two of our South Devon rangers.

Having a dog with you when out on the estate is a great way to talk to people of all ages. Our Jack Russells also keep the mice down in the workshop.

Discover on foot

Follow the coast path and you’ll come to the beach at Hallsands © Eric McDonald/National Trust

Follow the coast path and you’ll come to the beach at Hallsands

To see 'the village that fell into the sea' at Hallsands, park at Beesands and join the South West Coast Path. Our suggested route is approx. 2.2 miles (3.5km). Popular with children and the family dog, they can both enjoy the shingle beaches along the way. We care for a small section of land along the way - look out for the omega sign.