Biddulph bursts into colour

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In Biddulph Grange Garden, the emphasis for the spring has been on new planting with a staggering 29,000 bulbs dispersed throughout the garden.

First impressions of the garden

As visitors enter through Italy the beds include a formal display of rows of Myosotis (forget-me-nots) in shades of white and dark blue interplanted with Pink Diamond tulips which reflect the colour of the Rhododendrons. The effect is designed to provide an attractive start to the tour of this fascinating and unusual garden. 

The Dahlia walk

Last spring for the first time, the Dahlia walk was planted with spring bulbs and bedding plants to give a dazzling display of colour.

This was such a success with visitors that we are repeating the exercise this year and featuring the bulbs alone. Over 20,000 bulbs have been planted to a design which will produce a riot of vibrant colours.

Orange, pink, purple, red, yellow and white tulips will be featured with Anemone de Caen, white and blue Muscari (grape hyacinths) and white Allium cowanii). There are also species tulips tarda and batalinni which are smaller varieties.

The woodland walk

Elsewhere in the garden, visitors will find little pockets to delight as the gardeners have been working hard to add colour for their spring visits.

The new woodland walk is already maturing and more daffodils have now been added to the existing ones with bluebells and winter aconites planted along the path edge. As the year develops, bluebells and foxgloves appear and add to the natural effect.

Mrs Bateman’s Garden

For those who love herbaceous plants there has been a complete redesign of Mrs Bateman’s Garden by one of the garden volunteers, Mary Moxon, who is experienced in garden design and planting.

This will be an exciting development and will restore this area to one of great interest for flower lovers.

Using plants which would have been in period for Bateman’s time the beds will come to life with the delicate, soft hews of some lovely old varieties in the Central Beds and the Greek Key or strong fiery colours planned for the Fountain Beds.

There will be many old favourites too numerous to list entirely but included will be Campanula, Dianthus, Geranium, Paeony, Phlox, Aquilegia, Achillea, Geum, Helenium and Kniphofia.  The aim is to provide colour and interest throughout the summer.

Don’t forget to visit our plant centre during your visit to take home some beautiful colour for your own garden.