Our work

Keeping things up to scratch © Paul Bailey

Keeping things up to scratch

Behind the scenes

We have a dedicated team of conservation assistants who help to care for the objects in our collection.

Their work is about conservation not restoration, so they carry out good housekeeping each day to greatly reduce the likelihood of harm to the collection.

You can explore our amazing objects on the National Trust's collections site here

Find out how we restored this chest

This important piece of furniture has been at the Hamilton Kerr institute in Cambridge undergoing a programme of conservation and restoration. We now believe that the core of the chest is likely to be 15th century.


Our textiles are an important element of the Blickling collection. We've been busy conserving and rehanging historic pelmets and curtains in several of our rooms, with the help of the National Trust Conservation Studio.

Busy, busy, busy

  • Blickling House and Lake © Nick Meers

    Tick-tock, tick-tock

    We have about 3 hours each day to prepare the house for visitors. Cushions plumped and flowers freshened!

  • The Great Hall © Paul Bailey


    The grand staircase is a big part of any visit to the house and the 48 treads must be vacuumed every day.

  • A selection of cleaning equipment © Helen Bratt-Wyton

    Carefully does it

    Soft brushes, cloths and special shoes are used to make sure historic carpets and furniture are protected.<...

  • A selections of cleaning products used by our housekeepers © Paul Bailey

    Wash & brush up

    A whole week each year is devoted to cleaning and inspecting our collection of garden statuary.


Conservation is an ongoing concern and much of it can be done while the house is open. The team in the house, made up of volunteers and staff, work hard to ensure that the house is preserved for future generations.

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