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Ancient commons, mentioned in the Domesday Book, with grassland plains, mighty oak woods and serene ponds

Bookham Commons' varied landscapes, from ancient oak woods to grassland plains and tranquil ponds, support an abundance of wildlife, which can be heard and seen throughout the seasons.

Listen out for tuneful nightingales and warblers in the spring, and in summer look for insects hovering over the ponds. If you're lucky, you may also spot the beautiful, but elusive, purple emperor butterfly.

Bookham Commons is designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest, and since 1941 the London Natural History Society has been carrying out a survey of the wildlife, making it one of the best recorded and thoroughly studied areas in the country.

Butterflies galore on the commons

You can find more than 29 different butterfly species on Bookham.

Enjoy a stroll across the commons and spend a day with these delicate, graceful creatures...

Walk our family trail this summer

Bookham Commons family trail © National Trust

Join us for a gentle walk around the commons - pick up our leaflet and follow the blue route.

At a gentle pace, little legs will be on the go for about two hours...

Natural play area for kids' adventures

Children playing in a tree at Hatfield Forest, Essex © National Trust Images/Britainonview/Rod Edwards

Venture along the main path, from the Tunnel car park to the Isle of Wight pond, and find our natural play area - climb, balance and play close to the many wonderful creatures that live here.

Mums and dads can sit on benches and natter, while the kids play nearby...

Looking after our oak trees

Some of our trees have been around for many years. We look after these veterans by thinning the younger oaks around them, giving them more light and room to grow even bigger.

When you’re out on the commons look out for us harvesting oak timber...

Stay at Henman bunkhouse

Enjoy a short break at nearby Leith Hill’s Henman bunkhouse. Set in spectacular countryside the Henman bunkhouse provides accommodation for groups of volunteers or friends and families. Get back to basics in this chalet-style building...

Our beautiful Surrey Hills

Just south of London, the Surrey Hills stretch from the Kent border in the east to the Hampshire border in the west. Tranquillity and wonderful open spaces just waiting to be discovered.

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