Our work

Our staff and volunteers enjoy researching and adding to our archive © National Trust

Our staff and volunteers enjoy researching and adding to our archive

Wheel repairs

old broken buckets

Due to factors such as the wheel permanently sitting in water and culverts being too shallow, there are many repair jobs which take place every other year, just to keep the waterwheel turning.


Bringing places to life

Bourne Mill Banquet

The mill has a rich history and it's our job to try and convey this in a manner that best suits and respects the mill.

There are many projects but luckily we have a growing team of volunteers to help deliver them.


Note the beautiful stonework at Bourne Mill

This mosaic of different stones needs to be looked after in a particular way. Some methods in the past haven't been suitable, so some work is 'repair and restore' while other work requires us to 'conserve and preserve'.

Boardwalk repairs

This year we have a team of volunteers from Goldman Sachs coming out to refurbish our small boardwalk, which goes through a wet boggy pond area. We plan to use it for pond dipping activities in the future.

People, pleasure and patience

Our volunteer team are passionate about Bourne Mill and have researched various aspects of the Mill's history. Whilst some of the jigsaw is falling into place, there are still lots of gaps which we're still trying to fill. We've also commissioned an historical report from Dr Chris Thornton, which is available on request.