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Brancaster Beach

Brancaster Beach on a summers day © Alex Green

Brancaster Beach on a summers day

Brancaster Beach is a popular sandy beach and is used for a range of different activities. On a quiet day, at low tide, the beach offers a huge expanse of sand and seemingly endless views. At high tide the beach is often cut off, as the beach road and surrounding marshes flood.


Branodunum Roman fort was in its day an imposing fortress with lofty walls © National Trust

Branodunum Roman fort was in its day an imposing fortress with lofty walls

Branodunum is one of the eleven forts along the South and East coasts of England known as Saxon Shore Forts. The Romans built these forts during the 3rd century. At first they were used to protect and control shipping and trade around the coast; later they helped repel raiders from across the North Sea. They remained military garrisons for over 150 years before being abandoned when the Roman army withdrew from Britain.

Brancaster Activity Centre

Kayaking at Brancaster Activity Centre © Stuart Medland

Kayaking at Brancaster Activity Centre

The Centre is a residential activity centre for hundreds of school children, families and adults. Visitors experience and enjoy outdoor adventures - including sailing, kayaking, team-building, orienteering and more, while developing a better understanding of sustainable living.

Brancaster Staithe

Brancaster Staithe Harbour © Keith Miller

Brancaster Staithe Harbour

Brancaster Harbour was once a busy port, sailing ships carried cargo of coal and grain, for a malt house said to be the biggest in England. Trade declined in the 1800s, but a thriving fishing industry survives, and today the harbour bustles with pleasure craft.


Power Kiting Sports

Kite Surfer on Brancaster Beach

Kite Surfer on Brancaster Beach

Experienced kite surfers are welcome.

To ensure the safety of swimmers and other beach users, we ask kite surfers to stay within the designated area and approach the beach with extreme caution and at a reduced speed.

If you're going Kite Surfing please remember swimmers and other water users take priority at all times. 


Time Team paid us a visit

Branodunum Roman Fort in its day was an imposing fortress with lofty walls, protecting the inhabitants within. To help gain a better understanding of its history, the Channel 4 programme Time Team visited the fields in 2012.

Time Team used a new form of radar which produced a plan of much of the interior layout of the fort. Some well placed trenches have provided a fascinating insight into the settlement, but also the Iron-Age landscape that preceded it.

Ground nesting birds

Oystercatcher chicks relying on camouflage amongst the shingle © d.wood

The estates mixture of landscape and habitats make it a special place and important for wildlife. Please try to avoid disturbing the vulnerable ground nesting birds that nest and the waders that roost on the beach.

Walking your dog

Couple walking dogs on Blakeney salt marshes © Fisheye

The beach is a popular place for a range of visitor activities; so that everyone can continue to enjoy the beach, there is a dog free area from 1 May - 15 September in front of the Golf Clubhouse. Please keep your dog under close control in all other areas.

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