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Volunteers helping to stone-pitch footpaths in the Beacons © National Trust

Volunteers helping to stone-pitch footpaths in the Beacons

Around 70,000m of footpaths criss-cross the Brecon Beacons. Some 13,000m have already been repaired, but we still have 57,000m more to do. If you've enjoyed your visit to the Beacons and you want to help preserve this special place for future generations then we need your help. Please help us by donating what you can, whether it's your time or your money. Thank you.

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Our lengths group help us to maintain and repair footpaths © National Trust

We've always got lots of volunteering opportunities in the Brecon Beacons. Whether it's digging ditches, stone-pitching footpaths or chatting to visitors there are loads of different ways you can get involved.

Why not have a go at one of our working holidays? We run several throughout the year in the Brecon Beacons. Activities range from rural crafts to countryside conservation and footpath construction.

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