Eating & shopping

Stop off for a snack at the kiosk © Robert Lees

Stop off for a snack at the kiosk

Picnicking and shopping

Refreshments have been served at Brimham Rocks for many years and we're happy to continue that tradition. The shop is in the visitor centre and sells a variety of local gifts and produce.

The kiosk has picnic tables nearby for you to enjoy an ice cream overlooking the rocks. You can eat indoors in the exhibition room if it's cold weather.

Recipe: bilberry turnovers

You can find bilberries around Brimham Rocks in August, and we sell bilberry jam in our shop all year round. Pick up a jar on your next visit and try this delicious recipe.

Our shop at Brimham Rocks

Bzzzzz! © Victoria Sauron

Our shop has a wide selection of products, including several which have been locally sourced.

Brimham Rocks kiosk

Cool down with an ice cream after your walk © Paul Harris

Buy a selection of food and drink at our refreshment kiosk, for a picnic on site or to take home.

Useful information

  • Credit and debit cards accepted
  • A great site for family picnics
  • Eat at a picnic bench or in our visitor centre