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Very little has changed here

Very little has changed here

Caring for Calke

Unlike many country houses Calke has not been restored to its former glory.

When we began to care for Calke in 1985 a decision was made to present the house as it was found. Essential repairs have ensured the structure is safe, but the house is little restored on the inside.

When it comes to looking after Calke we repair, not restore.

Raffle tickets

Feeling lucky?

National Trust raffle tickets are about more than fantastic prizes.

All the money raised at Calke stays here and is doubled by the National Trust.
The raffle has helped fund projects from the opening of the Gardeners' tunnel to repairs to the Grotto.



Staff and volunteers at Calke have completed the 'Tramway Project'.

The path created between Calke and the Staunton Harold Estate means it's now easier to walk between the two.

Book conservation

Books and maps form an important part of the Calke collection.

Find out about some of the work that we have been doing to care for this collection.