A House fit for a King

The lavish Saloon is the focal point of the Mansion © Andreas von Einsiedel

The lavish Saloon is the focal point of the Mansion

Castle Coole is one of the greatest neo- classical country houses in Ireland. Built to impress by the first Earl of Belmore 1789- 97, it still has the ability to leave people in awe. The house was designed by James Wyatt, with a façade of Portland stone and beautifully proportioned interiors. This combined with plaster work by Joseph Rose makes Castle Coole a masterpiece both inside and out.

To add to the splendour the Second Earl of Belmore commissioned furniture from Preston’s of Dublin in 1807, in lavish French Empire style. Preston’s also made the most extravagant piece of furniture in the house, the State bed, which was commissioned for the visit of George IV in 1821, although in the end he never visited Castle Coole.

Designed for entertaining and to make a statement Castle Coole certainly has the wow factor, not a particularly homely property but ‘simply the best’.

Come along to Castle Coole and take a tour of the house to experience the grandeur for yourself, and enjoy the surroundings fit for a King.