Eating & shopping

Landemare Café

 © Matthew Antrobus

Come and visit the newly opened Landemare café, named after Georgina Landemare who was the Churchill cook for over 20 years. The café has a light and airy 1930s feel with lots of family friendly spaces inside and out, open from 10am until 5pm. What would a trip to Chartwell be without a slice of cake or traditional afternoon cream tea?

Lunch with us

A chef ladling soup © Arnhel de Serra

A chef ladling soup

The café has got exactly what you need for any time of day. There are savoury scones served all morning, cold lunches and soups from 11:30 to 3:30, hot meals are available from 12:30 to 2:30 and sweet scones freshly baked throughout the day. All you need to decide now is what you're going to eat.

Spirited specials

Just one of the delicious meals © Gillian Day

Just one of the delicious meals

As it is Chartwell we like to infuse our food with Churchill spirit. Churchill was a lover of French foods so every Sunday you can find Beouf Bourguignon on our menu, adapted from Mrs Landemare's recipe. Winston seemed to prefer Tuesdays and often scheduled lunches with General Eisenhower at which Irish stew was served. Why not have a bowl of stew yourself on Tuesdays at Chartwell?

Fresh and accommodating

Our vegetables couldn't be more local

Most of our vegetables couldn't be more local. They are sourced from our kitchen garden at Chartwell straight to our kitchen.

On top of that with gluten and dairy free options, there is always something for everyone's taste.

Our Churchill books bay

Bright ideas for any booklover © Henry Jarvis

We stock a comprehensive range of Churchill related books ready to suit your interests. Pick up a copy of 'Gathering Storm' and relive Churchill's finest hour.

The rising Jock VI empire

Marmalade almost as sweet as Jock VI is © National Trust

Being the prudent chap that our resident pussycat, Jock VI is, he has branched with an eclectic mix of goodies, all with his face on. From biscuits to marmalade, you won't be able to resist Jock's sweet face.

Churchill memorabilia

A fine selection of Churchill memorabilia to remind you of your visit © Henry Jarvis

There is a fantastic selection of Churchill souvenirs available to remind you of your visit to Chartwell.Whether it's a bust of the man himself or maybe the iconic cigars there's something there to keep the memory alive.

Chartwell shop

Drop in and see what we have in store © Henry Jarvis

Drop in and see what we have in store

A warm welcome and a wealth of choice awaits you in one of the largest National Trust shops. We've got an extensive range of products for the home and garden, tasty treats, jewellery and accessories, plants and souvenirs - there's something for everyone.

Chartwell plants

The plants available to buy at the Chartwell shop © Henry Jarvis

The plants available to buy at the Chartwell shop

There's a wide variety of plants to buy at the shop and even better, if there's a plant you really like within the ground, we could have one to buy at the shop. Come and take a look.

The summer range

See our summer selection and newest range - Floribunda © Henry Jarvis

See our summer selection and newest range - Floribunda

Inspired by the amazing gardens and the wild natural places found at the National Trust, 'floribunda' is the fresh new style perfect for those sun soaked days out.

Going local

Go local and buy some of regional goodies © Henry Jarvis

Go local and buy some of regional goodies

For local drinks, jams and treats look no further than the Chartwell shop. We are promoting some super stuff from the region that always make a great gift when you get back from your travels.

50 things selection.

All you will need ready for a 50 things adventure © Henry Jarvis

All you will need ready for a 50 things adventure

If you are planning for an adventure this summer then stop by the shop at Chartwell. There's caps, pens, pencils, activity books, and everything you will need to become a proper explorer.

Special Offer

perfect for a picnic are our Chartwell blankets

We've comfy blankets available to purchase. Made from recycled wool, they are great value at £12.50

Perfect for a picnnic on the lawn or for feeling cosy at home.