Discover Churchill at Chartwell

The relaxing spot where Winston used to feed his fish © Charlotte Ruddock

The relaxing spot where Winston used to feed his fish

The life of Churchill expands far beyond his famed political career. Where better to discover this than at the family home that was an important place to Sir Winston for over 40 years. To give a small insight into the many aspects of Churchillian history, we've asked volunteers working at Chartwell to write about aspects of Churchill’s life and career.

An introduction

Second-World-War veteran Guy Huntrods imparts his early memories of Churchill.

Early life and family

Discover the young Churchill and read about his early life, his parents, and his wife and children.

Churchill in power

Explore Churchill's political career: both his triumphs and his failures.

Churchill and special Chartwell

Find out what made, and continues to make, Chartwell such a special place.

Churchill's friends and past times

An insight into Churchill’s personal life, his friends and past times.

Discover more during your visit

Our volunteers in the house are always ready to help

The Chartwell visitor guide gives an extended look into Churchill’s life at Chartwell. Plus our knowledgeable room stewards and garden stewards are full of stories to help you fill in the gaps during your visit.